Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Power of One with Archangel Uriel thru Sharon Taphorn

Uriel's name means "Light of God", "God is my Light", or "Fire of God" and he is a wise spiritual teacher who can help you to better understand your earth journey and the process of awakening, as well as offer insightful and practical wisdom, and insightful solutions to earthy experiences. He brings us to Enlightenment. He can help you become more passionate about a cause and helps to illuminate the way. He is the keeper of hidden knowledge and the secrets of alchemy for the magi. He helps us to activate love within us so our souls can ascend to a new way of being. He awakens and empowers those who choose to work with him and are serious students of knowledge and the Divine.

The Power of One with Archangel Uriel thru Sharon Taphorn

Let us enhance your spiritual sight and empower each one of you to desire to ascend to a new level of being, a new level of joy, and a new level of creativity to assist you in your journey back to that of Unity Consciousness and the Power of One. 

Each one of you is a powerful being. When you feel empowered, you can move mountains and that truly is one of keys to unlock in your journey to enlightenment, your journey to a better understanding of life, the universe and everything. Within you, within your very DNA is the memories of what has been, and what will come for you are truly a infinite being who is not truly ground by time and space. Within your DNA are etheric strands that are not currently viewable by your technology and yet all of the awakening souls know that they are there and are expanding your understanding everyday as each of you reaches new levels in your awakening process. You are literately awakening parts of yourselves that have been dormant in the physical bodies for a very long time. 

You have great power as you expand your understanding as it truly shapes reality as it is known by the mass consciousness and it expands more as each one you begin to work on your spiritual journey. The effect you have on each other is truly astounding and is one of the greatest gifts you can give to humanity. As you work on yourself you change the roles of those in your life and they are then free to move on as well as they have fulfilled their role of support that they agreed to play in your life and that contract is complete. Imagine if you will to what your world would look like if you all released and fulfilled your contracts simply by making your life better for you. Sometimes you go beyond what is comfortable and yet that is how you grow and expand and close the doors from that past that needed to be healed in your life. 

Recognize your interconnectedness to each other, to all that is around you and to all the world and do what you can to foster that connection. Spend time connecting with the trees, the grass, and the animals. Experience the beauty and the gifts that are all around you and acknowledge that grace and beauty every day in your life. Be compassionate towards all the beings of earth in whatever form they appear and do so with true unconditional love. 

Radiate waves of positive, peaceful energy to others and try to respect other people's views and see that they too have a perspective to honour and forge a bond between your soul and theirs to help you understand their attitudes and understandings and we can relate to each other with mutual respect and love regardless. 

You get sudden insights often after you have invoked angelic assistance.  It helps you open up the seeds of creativity. By tapping into your creativity, you can bring your own unique colour to the tapestry of life and that is the power that only you have, that spark that only you can bring, that flavour that is uniquely you. That is your power - The Power of the One - and it is you. 

Say to yourself daily: 

"I empower the Divine within me as I accept the gift of true spiritual peace that connecting to the Divine within me brings to my life. I find joy in life, whatever the circumstances, I help to shape reality with the power of my creativity and I am one with all my family, and with all humanity, We are One."

And so it is, and therefore must be so, Archangel Uriel 

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