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A New Years Message from the angels with Sharon Taphorn ~ Living in more Light

Angel Reading for 2012 with Sharon Taphorn and the angels Dec 29, 2011

Living in More Light

Our Archangel for this year is Archangel Ariel. She says we are entering in a year of great change and growth on a personal level as well as a global level. As within, as without, she says, it is a matter of process. As you change, so does the world before you.

And so we continue her message for us for 2012….This is an appropriate message for each time you are starting a new cycle and of course, on new years day, the entire human populating experiences this new cycle at the same time. That creates a phenomenal amount of energy and opportunity for great change. Watch what thoughts you carry into each cycle as that is what you will carry with you until you process through it at some point along the way.

Since those of you reading this are the healers, teachers and service workers of the Light, this is an appropriate time for this message in a year of love. There will be much spiritual growth this year and what will feel like a huge awakening. This is a good thing and what so many of you have waiting for who were awakening for the past decade or two. There is a huge rush of energy and it will be a hard time for many who are not understanding  what is happening and the wisdom of experiences from the teachers will be greatly sought after. This is a time to step forward Teachers and Healers as well as those who will guide others to you. Discernment is paramount at this time as there are many who will be of lesser light trying to profit from these times of change. Know that they are there to be sure there are enough of you ready for each step in order to make giant leaps and we wish to assure you there are at this time. Trust is also another area in which many will feel tested. Staying balanced and grounded regardless of what is happening around you and trusting is the most important thing…oh and perhaps a little patience.

Remember you are also stewards of the Earth and all the beings that live upon and within her. We ask that you be conscious of the Earth and the living being that she is. And that each being who lives upon her is somehow an important part of her too. Just as an engine does not run properly without all of its cogs and wheels, you Earth needs all of aspects to do what she needs to do. So, love the Earth, love the animals, love the insects. Bless and protect all parts of her as you make your lives upon her. She is what feeds you and keeps you alive. She is what supports you, so we ask that you take the best care of her you know how. Recycle, reuse and protect all living things as you do each other.

Be strong and courageous as you face the changes. As you trust that you are these things, the changes that happen in this year will feel in flow with all things. This is the time to work on loving all things unconditionally and supporting each other on whatever path each one is taking. Each of you is evolving, it is what you came here to experience, so do not resist the change, embrace it as the proof you seek in your askings. This a time to loving assert yourself. This means to be strong and yet love in all actions. Set the boundaries that work for you and let others deal with how they face what is before them. Let them know that you love and support them regardless and then let go of any resistance. This is a year when many will face times of being in more love. This can often feel like the ‘rug is being pulled out from under you’ if you are unprepared. Be prepared by sticking to a spiritual practice that includes time for meditation and getting clear and setting your intent from that clarity. Those of you with a spiritual practice and developing your senses and your own spiritual growth will love what is happening during this time. Those of you who have been resisting these things will not have as much fun from a human perspective. It takes very little to shift yourselves from this perspective. This is where the healers, teachers and service workers of the Light will come to get to practice more of your lightwork. And we say it is time.

This is a magical time in your evolution. This is a wonderful time of great change. Be strong, do not hold back and be ready to soar if you choose.

Archangel Ariel ~ Call upon me anytime for strength and courage, I will be there as if on angels wings.

For our angel reading for the year, here is the message

This new cycle is about finding tolerance and forgiveness and realize that also means unconditional acceptance. Regardless what path you choose, we support you – we being your angels. We unconditionally support you in whatever you choose. Please recall the law of free will. You are free to choose and we cannot help unless we are invited in. Therefore, it is time to remember the law of free will upon you planet as well as within. Let each one choose for themselves. Love and support them regardless and focus your attention on shifting your own journey. Steering your own boat on the sea of life while navigating with those around you is the analogy we wish to share. Each Captain must pay attention to his own course while being mindful of the other boats. Wishing each other a safe journey as we know the seas can change at any moment and we are all on this precarious sea of life and therefore understand the challenges and risks that others face as well. This is what is required on the new earth you are birthing at this time. Some of you might call it developing your empathy, and this is partially correct. We do wish for you to work on expanding your senses and developing your empathy as this is a sense that will help you immensely. And, those of you who are already empathic yet often overwhelmed by it, this is the time to learn and share with others who are just starting to develop these traits. All will become awakened with this sense as you go through these shifting times.

Seek out the teachers who offer you transformation processes that empower you vs. the ones that ask you to transcend. It is now about the one doing the journey, not others doing the journey for you. This is the time to cleanse, release and transform any lower vibrating energy to a higher way of being.

Know that all things can be healed gently and with love. Be strong and truthful in all that you do from a point of being in a state of love. We are always with you and willing to stand with you, guiding your words from a higher perspective of love. Just ask and we are there. Remember to ask, for we cannot assist without invitation. Be sure to also take time for you to rest, heal and rejuvenate. When you are replenished, you are better able to assist others. Take time for a regular healing session. Meditate regularly and eat healthful foods of the earth. Take time to research and adjust your diet. There is a new you emerging in the physical world also, so remember that you will change as your energy vibration rises to new levels. Do this lovingly and gently and be open to new, natural alternatives as guided.  This is a great subject to ask other lightworkers about the information they have learned as they have shifted.  As each body shifts, changes will happen to all four bodies.

Take time to listen to music and sway and release and let go. To manifest more rapidly think of your desires while you chant, hum, sing or play music. Do this while doing things that are more mundane and turn those times into magical experiences. Use them to help you manifest your desires. Spend time each morning deciding where you are putting your energy. Get really clear on your desires and make that a magical part of each day. Regardless what is happening around you, take time to do this for yourself. You are worth it and you are worthy.

This is the time to develop your senses. This is time to take classes and workshops that help you develop who you are. There is plenty to discern from. This is where learning to trust yourself will also begin to transform and we wish this for you as you do yourself. Study from your heart and this will guide you to the right teachers. They perhaps are already right in front of you and you need to start supporting them as the gifts that they are to you. Do research, seek advice and make your decisions carefully, and from the heart blended with the wisdom of your third eye. All of you have the ability to develop your senses in whatever way you choose and you also choose the rate of opening. Great spiritual growth is taking place within, let it be guided with love and strength and patience.

You are dearly loved and supported, always, the angels

Thank you, Mahalo, Merci, Gracias, Vielen Dank, Grazie, Спасибо, Obrigado, 谢谢, Dank, 謝謝, Chokran,Děkuji

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