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Goddess Vesta – Spiritual Fire by Sharon Taphorn

Goddess Vesta – Spiritual Fire by Sharon Taphorn November 3, 2011

This was my first experience working with the goddess Vesta. She is the Roman goddess of the hearth and home. She is a beautiful energy that I encourage you to invite into your home to help shift any situation.  It brings more love and warmth that gives the feeling of coming out of the wet and cold into a warm and sensuous environment filled with the smells of savoury food cooking, fires crackling and candles glowing. It is a sacred experience that many of us have lost. Vesta teaches us how subtle changes can make all the difference and that home is where your heart is. Create it wherever you are.
“My beloved Vesta, I ask that you bless my homes and clear away anything that is less than love residing within. Thank you
We ask that you give to us a message that will assist us humans currently on the earth plane right now.
And we thank you for the love and beauty you share with us.  Namaste”

“We are honoured to be called upon at anytime to light the spiritual fire within each being. I represent the spiritual fire that was the heart and warmth of each home on a older earth, however as you developed more technology, calling upon my energy has been for those of an older earth time.
Fire was the light that emerged humanity out of its darkness and started the evolutionary shifts that have ushered in this new time we find ourselves in. Not so long ago your planet did not have lights, and heat that came out of the wall. As you evolved with all of this wondrous technology, now one must create the ritual of spiritual fire. Create a sacred alter in your homes. This action will help remind you of the sacred fire that lights inside of you. Teaching you that home is always with you and it lives within your heart.
I represent the most sacred feminine love of the mother and in a different time I was regarded also as your mother earth. I embody all of that love for you. Call upon me to enter your home and clear your space and create new, fresh and revitalized energy as I do with the earth. Let my love flow and touch the hearts of all of those who cross your threshold.  Let them warm their toes by your fire, for many have been out in the cold for far too long. Invite me into your spiritual practice and you will feel the love of home surrounding you and together we will create the energy of home to live wherever you choose to dwell. 
Create ceremony each day that offers thanks and take time to listen. Following your guidance will help to ignite the passion in your heart for your earth projects and also to lead you towards your passions.  Keep the light burning and you will find yourself always in the midst of your passions and the energy in your home will represent that on the outside.
Clear away the old, make room for the new and fill your life with love.  For this is a pivotal time for humanity and I am honoured to help you light the way. Call upon me and Ignite your spiritual fire today."

Article Copyright ©2011 by Sharon Taphorn. All rights reserved.

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