Monday, January 24, 2011

Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Focused Intent

Your desires are like paintings on the canvas of life

Take some time to meditate, pray upon and contemplate what is next. If you are unsure of what is the next best step for you to take, consult an expert who can assist you in seeing the bigger picture that is in front of you. Your Angels can assist with endevour, however if you are not sure or completely trust what you receive, then find a human angel you trust.

Do not be afraid of making the wrong decision, for their is never truly a wrong step to take. Angel wisdom reminds you that making no decision is the same as saying to the Universe that you want for everything to stay the same, and that is the energy that you will attract. Few things are as powerful as focued intent, visualize it, feel it and it will come.

Seek the Divine within every situation and this cultivates the quality of joy and become aware of the wonder of creation and let joy, one of the highest qualities you can vibrate to. Delight in everything. Enjoy the process of creation and enjoy life.

Affirmation: "I see the joy in every step of creating that which I desire. I can always choose again."

Your are dearly loved, the Angels

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thank you
Thank you, Mahalo, Merci, Obrigado, 谢谢


Elena said...

Awesome!!! (and ha! ha!)

-blessed holy socks, the non-perishable-zealot said...

How well dost I knowest, my just liege. How well I know. They saved me from my accident and are leading this sinFULL mortal on to the Great Beyond. Meet me Upstairs, girl, where I'll kiss your adorable feet. Love you. See ya soon. God bless.

Sharon said...

thank you for sharing, we always love to feel your comments, sharon and the angels