Thursday, September 16, 2010

Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn


Your prayers and expectations have been heard and answered

Your prayers are manifesting. The Angels want to remind you to stay positive, and follow the guidance that you are receiving. The Angels are working with you every moment that you ask for their assistance, even if you aren't seeing the tangible results yet. Stay on your present path and keep moving towards your goals and dreams.

Oftentimes humans get wary and give up just before they see the results of all their hard work and change course. Your Angel guidance is to stick with a plan that feels right in your heart. If you feel something isn't working check in with your guides and angels and from the point of love decide your next step. Be cautious of the advise of others, even the well intentioned, as they don't always see the bigger picture or all the angles that you can see with your guides. Seek guidance from your Angels and go for it.

You are dearly loved, the Angels

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thank you


Elena said...

Having just received direction that I'm meant to 'heal' others I've been fighting it tooth and nail. And in desperation I said to myself this was all nonsense and if it was truly real than I really needed to know what 'they' wanted. I was angry, confused. Funny then that turning on the radio a bit later I heard a song I really don't like but something made me listen to the words and I heard "you're in the arms of an angel may you find comfort here" I laughed. This morning I pick up a book and open to "trust that you are ready for your Divine life purpose, it's much needed in this world, you are ready & qualified..." and now your post...thanks

Sharon said...

and they say to pay particular attention to signs that come in 3's lol... way to go for noticing the signs .... love and blessings, Sharon