Friday, August 6, 2010

Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn


"When all around you seems to be falling apart, take a breath, and connect with your beautiful Terra"

In these changing times that you are amidst, remember to stay optimistic and ground yourself regularly. Use the power of affirmations to keep your focus, and your conscious connection with Mother Earth will help you keep that focus.

Sometimes humans get detached from the very earth they live on when they are doing higher work, and in these days of higher energy, many want to be detached. However the Angels want to remind you that you are here doing a physical journey, and as you learn to work with these higher energy times, you will find that you are more able to create that which you desire. Being grounded while you work with this energy assists in creating your dreams in the 3D world.

So, talk positively, focus on the good in life and feel happier and healthier in the process.

And, always remember that you are dearly loved, the Angels

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