Monday, May 10, 2010

Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn


"Your hoped for aspirations are now available. This is the process by which all thoughts transform into tangible form"
This is the time to take real control of consciously creating in your life. If things have looked bleak, now its time to turn this energy around. First look at where your thoughts are. Thoughts are transformed into tangible things; they begin with an idea, then the idea meets with a feeling. If the feeling is loving and nurturing, the idea and the feeling create the embryo of the manifestation.

Things are going to change, the question is, which direction are they changing to. Rethink what you 're going to do at this time. Meditate, keep calm, and take what action you can. Take good care of your health. Start reading, take time out for yourself, and turn your face to the sun. Take a walk in the woods, Enjoy your loved ones, your food, and care for your health. Life is complex, yet so simple.

Angel wisdom reminds you that your intention into this new stage is a most important step and the universe's abundance is open to you. There may be a new beginning of some kine, and new challenges and opportunities are defiantly on the horizon. You are about to start another phase in your karmic journey, a brilliant new phase of this grand adventure called YOUR LIFE is about to enfold, embrace it with passion.

you are dearly loved, the Angels
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