Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Message from Archangel Uriel, through Sharon Taphorn

Archangel Uriel April 27, 2010 through Sharon Taphorn

Invocation: Archangel Uriel, I ask for your insight and wisdom on how we can work on our claircognizance – Clear knowing and how we can us this to enhance our lives as humans.
Invocation: Archangel Uriel, I ask for your insight and wisdom on how we can work on our claircognizance – Clear knowing and how we can us this to enhance our lives as humans.

To get in touch with your claircongizance energy, you must first learn to develop trust within yourself of the information that comes to you. To do that you need to
learn to tap into and trust your inner knowingness. Where are you getting the
information you are using to guide yourself? Many times humans tap into their
mental body and ego self and think this is guidance or information from their
guides and angels, and it is not always, or they doubt it and add their ego
flavour to the message. Then, they make decisions and choices that they later regret
or view as a failure. We don’t see things from this perspective – right and
wrong, good and bad – we see them only as opportunities for you to grow and

So, if you have made a choice you are unhappy with – know that you did the best you could with the skills you had at that time and that from this point, choose to see
the gift within the journey and choose to do it differently from this point
forward. Knowing this, if you choose to do it the same way, you will be in that
perpetual cycle.

We would also like to remind you of the importance of checking in where your wisdom is coming from.

Are you asking for high level guides and angels – are you clear that if your get a less evolved entity speaking to you, that you can ask myself, Archangel Michael or
any of your guides and angels to ensure you are receiving messages of the
highest light. And then we say – where in your physical body are you feeling
your knowingness? Messages from the Angels, the Guides and Divine Light will
always be that of Love and Integrity. We will not ask you to do something that
stretches beyond your moral code – We many ask you to move beyond your comfort
zone, as that is how you grow. We will not ask you to do things that do not
feel right or would harm another being.

Your information shared will be empowering to yourself and others, expanding and always, always in Love.

As you tune into your knowingness, you will feel love, peace and harmony flow through your physical bodies – your mind and body become quite and when you are tapped in, your own physical body will give you clues – like a flow of warm thick liquid pouring from your crown downward, and all around your body, and when you feel
your connection, and you will, if not the first time, you will feel learn that
the more you attempt to tap in, the stronger the physical sensations will be –
or perhaps it is better said, the more you practice and tap in, the more you
become aware of the subtle vibrations that are around you – and then practice
trusting in your feelings that are coming from your heart center.

It is okay to ask for a second opinion. Ask a different guide or angel. Call upon them specifically by name and they will be there to assist you. We are here to help
you, to assist in your connection to the universal consciousness and then it is
up to you to make it work within your life. We are your support, not your
saviour – we are here to expand and grow with you, as you do the journey called

Blessed is he who journeys in the physical realm in the name of light. For each of you assist in the growth of all. Share and trust in your light.

You are dearly love, Archangel Uriel

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