Sunday, October 25, 2009

Angel Wisdom


"You are protected against lower energies, and guarding you, your loved ones, and home. Let go of worries, as I AM surrounding you & your loved ones with powerful Light."

Angel wisdom guides you to invoke Archangel Michael to help protect and strengthen you.

He will increase your ability to deal with problems, so ask him to cut with his sword any emotional cords which bind you to people, stuck situations or past memories. Then ask Michael to fill you with strength and love. He will shield you from destructive thoughts, emotions, and actions of others. Focus on the light and love, not fear, as you'll attract the object of your focus. With your mind free of fear, you have additional time and energy to devote to your life's missions. You are safe when you are fearless.

Archangel Michael works on the blue ray, giving strength and courage.

Call for his help and visualize yourself wearing a deep-blue cloak, securely fastened. This will place you under his protection.

He is the master of all Angels, a great warrior spirit. Within his Light you will feel more secure, have more confidence, energy, and power.

Affirmation:"I am strong and protected by Archangel Michael."

You are dearly love, Archangel Micheal

Working with Archangel Michael:

Michael's chief role is to escort away the lower energies of fear. If you become worried or anxious, mentally ask Michael to bring you peace. You can also ask that he clear your home, office, vehicle, or community of toxic energies. After you call upon Michael, you'll likely notice a warm feeling. That's because he has a fiery warrior spirit. You can ask Michael to stay with you continuously, as he's able to be with everyone who calls upon him simultaneously.

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