Friday, August 14, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"There is great value in connecting with the Nature spirits"

The Angels want you to know that you can benefit from working with crystals. You can find or purchase crystals at metaphysical bookstores, spas, and gem shows. Hold each crystal to know whether it feels right to you. Carry or wear the crystals throughout the day for healing, protection, and increased intuition. You can also add the crystals to your bathtub water or place them on your bedroom nightstand or beneath your bed to connect on an even deeper level with these remarkable gems.

Crystal children may be involved in your life as well. Your life purpose involves working with the mineral kingdom. you have a connection to the elemental realm, such as the fairies and crystals. We can speak to you through crystals as they can amplify energy.

with love, the Angels

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