Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"Now is the time for the opportunity to heal, grow, and release negative patterns. Hold the intention of seeing the other person inner divine light and goodness, or the divine gift of the situation. We will help you release unforgiving thoughts, feelings and energies, and lift you to a higher place of peace and compassion."

The Angels sent us this card today because they see that many of us have grown weary of a recurring negative patterns in area's of many of our lives. To break this cycle, it's important for you to release any old toxic thoughts about these situations or relationships. You can do this by breathing deeply, and on each exhalation, releasing your fears, worries, anger and other painful emotions to your Angels. Forgiveness doesn't mean that you are condoning the other person's behaviour. It just means that you're unwilling to carry toxic feelings and thoughts about any situation in your life. Release, be free and experience positive patterns through forgiveness.

Avoid blaming yourself or others.
As you release anger, a creative resolution to the situation will appear.
There are hidden blessings to this situation.
Focus upon your desires instead of fear and judgment, if you feel either thoughts entering your field, immediately transform them into something that you do want to attract.

Releasing these situations is one of the most important ways to raise your personal vibration, we honour you and are surrounding you as you transforms these energies, please call upon us to assist you.

We love you dearly for being the ones who are doing the physical journey...your Angels...

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